Obrazek wczytywania się skryptu Obrazek tła, rycina w drewnie przedstawiająca dwie kobiety ubrane w stroje tajlandzkie. Obrazek tła, zbliżenie na drewnianą rycinę. Przedstawa twarz kobiety. Obrazek tła, kamienna rzeźba przedstawiająca tajskiego bożka. Obrazek tła, ręcznik ułożony w kule razem z kwiatem lotosu.




Thai foot massage

Massage begins with gentle placing on the foot and calf skin lotions or herbal oils to gently loosen the muscles. Then the feet are wrapped in towels, and only so prepared are ready to massage. At the bottom of the foot there are ends of exactly 60 nerve nodes that are responsible for 34 internal organs. Foot massage relaxes muscles and tendons of legs, mobilizes joints of the foot, ankle and knee. The gentle pointing massage of underside of the foot, stimulates the receptors that influence the harmonization of all points of the body including excretory system and the lymphatic system. Thai foot massage prevents 21st century diseases resulting from wearing shoes (flat feet, hallux valgus and other halluxes) leg lymphedema, rheumatism and arthritis. It is recommended for rehabilitation of motion organs and after these diseases. Invaluable for those with a vertical lifestyle, overweight, wearing tight shoes and high heels. Recommended for people doing sports, running, skiing, biking, climbing, beneficial for pregnant women.

Duration: 60 min. – price: 100 pln